Posters, Banners & Signage

Keep in mind these guidelines when creating your poster or banner file:

Aspect Ratio: (width x height) Make sure that your file dimensions match the finished print size you desire for output.  This will avoid pixelation and poor print quality.

Resolution/DPI: When using images or saving your file, make sure your resolution is set to 300 dpi.  For larger prints, you may consider designing your file at 50% with 300 dpi to reduce file size.

A-Frame Sign
Great as a sidewalk sign.
Canvas Print
Stunning gallery wrapped canvas print
Economy Yard Sign
Affordable yard sign
FrameWorx Banner
An easy to transport indoor banner display.
H-Stake Yard Sign
Lightweight yard sign
Table Top Easel Sign
Economical table-top display
Decals & Stickers
Great adhesive material options.
Indoor Posters & Banners
Great options for indoor displays and signage.
Outdoor Banners
Great options for outdoor vinyl.